Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Biscuit Do-Over: Success!

Recently on a busy weeknight I decided to cook "Breakfast-For-Dinner." What was on the menu? Why, biscuits and bacon, of course! My oven worked perfectly this time, and the biscuits turned out just right. A little bacon and some fruit on the side made a quick and delicious meal. Noah and Allie would be proud--they were a busy couple of kids, those two, after all.

For the story of my burnt biscuits and too-salty chicken, click here.

One slight correction--in my last post I told you that my mother got the recipe from her Betty Crocker cookbook. Actually, it was a Better Homes and Gardens one. The error has been corrected, and I apologize to anyone who consulted Betty Crocker and didn't find it. (Not that anyone did; I can probably count on one hand how many people read this blog...and many thanks to those who do stop by!)

This weekend we'll be packing a picnic basket with love (a la Message in a Bottle), and hopefully a blog post will follow very soon after.

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